Syria: Homs: Summary of Events, Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cease of fire interrupted by bombing and gunfire.

Today was the first day of observing the cease fire, which was interrupted by bombing, shooting by snipers, mortar shelling, and activity by Assad army, checkpoints, and armored vehicles. Furthermore, no detainees were released.
The old districts of Homs saw some shelling by mortars that were launched from the Homs Citadel checkpoint, in addition to heavy gunfire in Bab Houd.

Snipers’ gunfire could also be heard in Joret al-Shayah and Hama Road, where at least one civilian was killed by the sniper located at the police headquarters. Another civilian was injured in the foot by a sniper’s bullet in Bayada. Snipers around the city targeted anyone in sight, which resulted in killing and injuring some civilians.

In Karabees, heavy gunfire could be heard from machine guns and tanks, targeting homes and civilians.

In Qusoor there was bombing, despite the cease fire that was announced by the Assad regime. This resulted in killing some civilians.

The bombing continues

Two bombs fall in the old districts of Homs

Bab Houd | Assad forces continue to open fire

City center | tanks in the middle of the city

Bab Houd | civilians’ cars in front of the engineers’ union, and no one can get to them to know the destiny of those inside

Bayada | snipers shooting

Burial of fallen hero Radwan Muhammad Ali Jamrai

Signs of the barbaric bombing and destruction

Joret al-Shayah | a demonstration amid the destruction

Karabees | T-72 tanks bombing the neighborhoods, from which they have not pulled out

Bombing and gunfire in Homs

Qusoor | a scene from the neighborhood after the cease fire

Rural Homs

In Rastan, military checkpoints and armored vehicles are still spread all over the city and there was no sign of their withdrawal.

In Talkalakh, Assad thugs (shabiha) from nearby loyalist towns attacked Birj district and nearby farms in an attempt to intimidate the residents and to get a rise out of them. In this way, the thugs were hoping for an excuse to justify a reaction by the regime to be able to continue its crimes.

Rastan | children injured by a bomb

Rastan | smoke rises following bombing

Ter Maaleh | a refugee camp of displaced people after all schools and homes became too full

Demonstrations of resilience

On the first day of the alleged cease fire, and despite the bombing and gunfire, residents went out to prove their continuing along the path to freedom.

Old districts of Homs





Malaab al-Baladi (the stadium)

Today’s confirmed fallen heroes from Homs

There were at least 10 confirmed fallen heroes, among them a woman and two little girls

– Ghanwa Ahmad Jamrak, a little girl | Qusayr

– Ali Ahmad Saleh | Bayada, killed by a sniper

– Rami Hamidiyeh al-Salamah | Bayada, killed by a sniper

– Abo Yaseen | Bayada, killed by a sniper

– Waleed Ahmad al-Jadoo | Bayada, killed by a sniper

– Ayman Hedood | Qusoor

– Unidentified fallen heroine | Bayada, killed by a sniper

– Unidentified little baby girl | Bayada, killed by a sniper

– Saleh Hashem Zakaria | Bayada, killed by a sniper

– Ammar Salem al-Salem | Bayada, killed by a sniper

 The Revolutionary Council of Homs confirmed more names of some of the victims of the Deir Baalba massacre on April 9, 2012, who were killed by public execution. Here are the names we received today:

Inaam Abdelrahman Abbas

Suleiman Rahmoun al-Abbas

Amer Suleiman al-Abbas

Mamoon Suleiman al-Abbas

Muhammad Suleiman al-Abbas

Ali Muhammad al-Abbas

Adnan Dibo al-Abbas


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